Fast Forex

Forex For Intermediate

This part of the program is designed for audiences who are familiar with the Forex market.

The Forex market is like an ocean that if you are not good at swimming, you may drown in this ocean. As you know, swimming can be learned with practice, you need practice and experience to reach a professional level. You may have ups and downs along the way, and you should not lose hope.

You too can reach the professional level after walking the path.

Investment management is the first step to making a profit while maintaining equity.

Ask yourself how we can keep our capital in the market. In risk management, knowing the concepts of risk, return, risk/return ratio, trading volume, Drawdown, and failure line ... are very important. Before entering into a transaction, it is important to know how much of your capital to enter into the transaction according to the concepts mentioned.

The second step is to design a trading strategy.

Trading strategies for individuals can be different. Investors are divided into conservative, moderate and bold. The style of strategy depends on the spirit of the investor. In the trading strategy, sales scenarios are considered. In this regard, the entry and exit time of the transaction is determined and adheres to the strategy. In the meantime, you may notice the weaknesses of your trading strategy, by continuously improving your strategy, you can form a strong strategy.

Obviously, prepare a trading plan for yourself before entering the market to prevent heavy losses. Also, combining risk management and trading strategy can be a profitable policy for you.


It is recommended to increasing the control of emotions and feelings in trading decisions is one of the important points of success in the market. If emotions are not controlled, we may make wrong decisions and suffer heavy losses. For this purpose, prepare and read related psychology books.

It is recommended to use relevant articles and books to improve the trading strategy.

It is recommended that you seriously review and analyze daily news from reputable sources and make it a daily habit.

It is recommended that you stick to your roadmap.