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Payment Policy

The payment policy is the set of rules or directions that guides a customer to make the bill payment. It is the guideline that is set so that there is no issue between the customer and the seller. The payment policy is framed so that there is complete clarity in the minds of the customer.

A payment policy helps you get paid on time. Knowing when to expect payments helps you plan for business expenses and investments. A bill payment plan also helps build customer loyalty and simplify the buying process.

Clients credit or debit card transactions with trusted payment processors.

All credit/debit card transactions are submitted over encrypted channels to the Company’s trusted payment partners.

The Company’s payment partner is legally obligated to secure your consent to allow to store your card details for future use.

This is done as Visa has defined authorization data values to help identify initial storage and usage of stored payment credentials to enable differentiated processing.

As per our policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to such storing.

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, skrill, neteller, webmoney, perfectmoney .It is the customer's responsibility to keep all credit card and contact information current. Currencies currently accepted are USD, CAD, EUR and GBP, INR and MXN. All invoices in non-USD currency will be converted to USD for processing. Prices in other currencies are shown according to exchange rates posted that day but may differ from your final rate given to you by your bank. Please see the invoice for wire transfer banking information.

Customers want to know how to pay you for your goods or services. Your policy should include answers to customer bill payment questions:

Include a specific payment date . Detail charges and interest rates for late payments

List the payment methods you accept You may also want to list payment methods you do not accept

Note the address you want the payment sent to Cover available online payment options

How can customers contact you? Add your phone number, email, and website