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We strive to be the best in customer service. We can succeed by working together to make a profit. By introducing our broker to others and opening a live account and trading them, you will receive money from the broker. You actually become an IB and this job can be very lucrative for you depending on your activity.

At the end of each trading day, your earnings will be calculated and transferred to your trading account or paid to you.

How to become an IB in FAST FOREX broker?

*Tecnical Presedur

Currently IB is for MT5 accounts. The conditions for receiving the commission are as follows.

For ECN accounts it is 25% of the customer payment commission and for standard 5 pip accounts it is the IB commission.

IB should introduce at least three active people to the broker.

In common currencies, commissions are not paid on accounts with a profit & loss of less than 4 pips. Also, for other values, their profit & loss is less than 40 pips, no payment will be made.

There should be at least 1 minute between the opening and closing time of the transaction.

The commission is not paid for accounts that had no deposit bonus.

Notes :

  • If you have a lot of experience and a lot of customer base, you can work under special custom conditions, we will support you with all the facilities. You can email your request.
  • Churning is strictly prohibited. FAST Forex reserves the right to treat the partner's activity as churning without any explanation. In such cases the partner's ID and the referral link are blocked and all IB commission is cancelled.
  • FAST Forex reserves the right to change or modify the partnership rules, stop the program or any of its parts anytime without prior notification
  • Any arguable situation not listed in these rules will be the subject to the decision of Trader's Way. Any decision taken by Fast Forex will be considered final and mandatory for all the parties
  • Fast Forex reserves the right to decline partner’s application without explaining the reason
  • Fast Forex reserves the right to cancel partner’s commission without explaining the reason
  • Fast Forex reserves the right to block partner’s ID and referral link without explaining the reason
  • The English version of these rules should be considered prevailing over any other language versions
  • Use of Google Adwords or any other browser ads using your affiliate link is strictly prohibited