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Refund Policy

Refund Policy and cancellation

Refund Policy and cancellation has been developed to reduce financial and legal risks of the Company, observe principles of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy.

The Company has the right to unilaterally block the access to the Client area, suspend trading activity of Accounts, cancel a request for transfer/ withdrawal, or make a refund, if the source of funds or the Client’s activities contradict the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy.

The Company has the right, under certain objective reasons and, if it is necessary, to make a refund of funds received via any payment system including credit/debit cards. Furthermore, the refund will be made to electronic wallets and bank details, which have been used by the Client when paying in the funds. It should also be mentioned that withdrawal of the total deposit amount is only possible on the same requisites and to the same payment system that were used during depositing the account.

The Times

Cales for funds withdrawal do not exceed two banking days from the moment of sending the funds withdrawal request. In some cases, money transfers can exceed the stated timescales depending on a payment system/ an emitting bank.

The Company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both crediting and withdrawal of funds from the Client’s account by third parties. Crediting and withdrawal of funds from the account can be performed only be the holder of this account.

In some exceptional cases, Fast Forex may refund your credit card payments. In this case, the funds will be refunded to the card used for the deposit.

Cancel account

1. The customer has the right to close his account whenever he wants. Fast Forex broker's account closure is subject to the following conditions.

A. There is no active investment.

B. No inquiries are being made into any of the current terms of service.

2. If no fee is charged for the account, the company must close the account at the request of the customer.

3. Refunds will not be made under any circumstances if the customer's account is suspended due to a breach of the current terms of service or due to any other misuse by the customer.

4. If the loss is for any reason foreseeable or unpredictable, the company is not obliged to repay the amount.

5. Refund request will be payable in cases where the account has been deposited but the order has not been made by the customer. For these types of withdrawals, a 30% fee is charged to cover processing and administrative costs.

6. The same payment method used for the deposit will be used for the refund. Reimbursement will be the total amount, unless other arrangements are made.

7. Applying for a refund request process can take up to a week.

8. All other requests are considered as withdrawals and will be processed using the same methods.

If Fast Forex identifies the client as a scalper, the company should take the following steps without prior written notice.

Will close all or any of the open positions of the customer at current market prices.

The customer's account (s) will be debited for the amounts owed to the company.

Will close one or all of the customer accounts held with the company.

By combining customer accounts; Inventories will be merged into one customer accounts.

Will not open new customer accounts for the customer as an IB.

Deposited funds are kept indefinitely.

Please note: Due to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering laws, accounts that have never been traded will not be able to withdraw their funds within 30 business days of inactivity.

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